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Anime Fan is closed until further notice...

In this website you will find information on anime, video games and movies. You will also find anime,game and movie images (original/fanart/animated gif) and reviews. Hopefully this site will help you enjoy and appreciate anime, movies and video games as much as I do.

Anime Fan is closed....look at the updates for  details

Movie Release Dates:

X-Men in theaters now!!
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps 7/28/00!
Coyote Ugly 8/4/00!
Hollow Man 8/4/00!
Bedazzled 8/11/00!
(all release dates are subject to change)

Sorry no pic for this issue of Animerica but be sure to get the next issue (featuring Pokemon on the cover) on sale July 21, 2000!

In this issue of Animerica you will find info on the new series Slayers Try! and Rurouni Kenshin, an interview with Brian Drummond (The first voice of Vegeta! ^_^)and fanart *the theme in this month's issue is Feeling Blue*

Ain't I cute?   Well anyway here are the updates...

11/16/00- Hey everybody! I am finally putting up the link to my new site!...well not so new but anyway it's basically the same thing as Anime Fan except BETTER! (well I think it's better) The banner for it is just under this paragraph. Also I made a new banner for this site which is located in the links page...well that's for all now, don't expect me to update this site that much cause I am still in school right now.

My not so new site!

Urgent Message: I know that it is hard to read the text links on the left side of the page after you have been looking around this site for awhile, since it turns a yellowish color after you visit the site, I suggest that you highlight the links so you can actually see what you are going to click on! I will fix this "problem" as soon as I can!

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Disclaimer: All the characters from each anime series do not belong to me, they belong to their respectable owners. So please do not sue me I get no money out of this site. However,the fanarts done by myself and even this site is copyrighted by me. So DO NOT STEAL!

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