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Do you have a site that is anime, video game or movie related? Well then just send the address to me so I can add it to my Links Page!

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This page is a list of my favorite links...

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A great site for info, pics and links!

This is one of THE best sites that I have ever visited!

A great site!

Another great site from the creator of Blurred!

A great site, so you must go NOW!

Super D! The cute side of anime


Own this summer's hottest sunglasses before anyone even knows about them!

Need movie info? This is the site for you

Official The Matrix site GO NOW!

My cousin's page

THE best Star Wars link engine ever!

Need info on the Final Fantasy Series? Then click here now!

Otaku World

For all your anime searching needs!

Another great anime search engine

AnimeArt Search

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