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Greetings fellow Anime Fans!

In this website you will find information on anime, video games and movies. You will also find anime,game and movie images (original/fanart/animated gif) Hopefully this site will become popular someday.

Welcome to Anime Fan!

Movie Release Dates:

Mission: Impossible 2 in theaters now!
Gone in 60 Seconds in theaters now!
Titan A.E. comes out 6/16/00!
Chicken Run comes out 6/23/00!
The Perfect Storm comes out 6/30/00!
X-men comes out 7/14/00!
(all release dates are subject to change)

To find out when and where X/1999 (anime) comes out click here!


6/09/00- just changed the Movie Release Dates and added Princess Mononoke to the Favorite Anime page, expect more updates tomorrow!

Urgent Message: I know that it is hard to read the text links on the left side of the page after you have been looking around this site for awhile, since it turns a yellowish color after you visit the site, I suggest that you highlight the links so you can actually see what you are going to click on! I will fix this "problem" as soon as I can!

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ARTWORK! The art qualifications can be found on the Artwork page and my e-mail address can be found on the Contact Me page. Also your artwork MUST be in gif or jpeg format or else i will not be able to put your work on my page!

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Disclaimer:All the characters from each anime series do not belong to me, they belong to their respectable owners. So please do not sue me I get no money out of this site. However,the fanarts done by myself and even this site is copyrighted by me. So DO NOT STEAL!

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